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A French company listed on the stock exchange with a Kaolin plant at Pittong and 3 mine sites locally. The main manufacturing product is pigments for paper but supplies a variety of grades for other types of processing such as fine bone china. [1]

Kaolin is formed by the weathering of Granite. Granite is made up mainly of Quartz and Feldspar and it is the Feldspar that forms Kaolin.[2]

The kaolin is either mined with self elevating scrapers or a dumper and excavator during dry months of the year.[3]

To make a useable product from the raw Kaolin out of the ground, it is necessary to make it into a slurry and then press it and dry it into either a lump or a powder product. The Kaolin is initially mixed with water and chemicals to remove all the large quartz stones that have been left unchanged through the weathering process. After it is refined several times the slurry is pumped into large filters presses where as much water is pressed out as possible. The press cakes from this step is then formed into pellets and dried through a band dryer. After drying the dried product can be sent out as in mainly 20kgs bags.[4]

The Kaolin mined and refined at Pittong goes to a wide range of products that are used by everybody, everyday. It can be used in paints, inks, as a coating on paper, in the pharmaceutical industry for tablets, in cosmetics to name a few.[5]





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