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The Imperial No. 1. Company is located at 41 Hiscock Gully Road, Magpie. It was worked from June 1867 to September 1968.

According to the 1988 reminiscences a old former resident who had been born in 1900 in a two roomed house in close proximity to the mine, you couldn't hear yourself think inside the cottage all day and all night because of the noise of the Imperial Mine stamper battery. The stamper battery went non stop all week until midnight on Saturday when there was a blast on a steam whistle and the whole thing wound down until there was a sort of ringing silence. There was total quiet until midnight on Sunday when another blast on the steam whistle signaled the whole thing starting up again.

The tailings down on the flat behind and to the left of the bluestone obelisk were reworked in about 1989/90. There were two or three really huge tailings heaps but they just pretty much disappeared.

This site is on the Heritage Victoria Register (H7622-0250). The site of the former Imperial No. 1 Co. includes two sets of foundations; the battery engine foundation at the west end and remains of the winder foundation.


Reminiscences of a discussion that took place in 1988 between Chris Bluett and an unknown old former resident, 2011

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