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Ivy Wilson", Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 13241
Ballarat Home of the Beasley Family, The family of Ivy Wilson's mother. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 13243)
Left to right: John Lane, Frederick Beasley, Frederick Beasley Jnr (B. 1861)), Alexander Williamson, Annie Eaves, Jack Beasley (b. 1861), Frances, ?, Charlotte (B. 1873), Enoch Beasley (B. 1869), Harry Beasley (b. 1866), Thomas Eaves.
Humffray Street State School Grade Five pupils." The girl kneeling 4th from the right is Ivy Wilson. Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 13242



Ivy Wilson was born on 05 July 1907 to Charlotte Beasley and Edward Wilson (1) of 17 Mair Street, Ballarat. Edward Wilson was an orthopedic bootmaker. Iv

WILSON.-On February 3. at his home. 41 Hartington street. Elsternwick. Edward, dearly loved husband of Charlotte, and loved father of Edward, Charles, Merle (Mrs. Arm-strong). Sid, Ivy (Mrs. Russell). Victor, and Bob. aged 86 years (late bootmaker, of Mair street. Ballarat). - At rest.


Ivy Wilson's Ballarat Technical Art School Folio is held by Federation University Historical Collection, the gift of her daughter Nola


Ivy Wilson married Frederick Henry Russell on 23 December 1933 at St Mary's Church of England, Caulfield. Ivy Russell died on 17 November 1998 at Caulfield, Victoria.

The had one daughter, Nola Wilson (later Jones).

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