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John A. Blight, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat.No.15771)
Members of the Old Colonists' Association,1917. Australian Town and Country Journal, Wed 21 Dec 1904



John A. Blight sailed to Australia on the Ellen, and arrived in Ballarat in 1852.[1]

John Blight was a member of the Ballarat Old Colonists' Association, and served as a President and Trustee of that organisation in 1918.[2]

In 1904 J.A. Blight was president of the Ballarat Free Library.[3]

1in 1905 J.A. Blight was Manader of Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat.[4]

He died in April 1925.[5]




Mr. John A. Blight, one of Ballarat's best-known citizens, died at his home at Lyons street south on Wednesday morning. Mr. Blight was 76 years old. He arrived in Melbourne with his parents in 1852 in the clipper Ellen, and his first home in Victoria was a camp on Batman Hill. Latterly he conducted an auctioneering and advertising business in Ballarat. He had been a member or the Old Colonists' Association since 1895, and was president for eleven years. [6]

BALLARAT, Saturday. — Mr. J.A. Blight", an early colonist of Ballarat, died last week and there now remain only two portraits of living Ballarat pioneers in a group on view at the Ballarat art gallery. This comprises a collection of portraits of colonists whose arrival in the city dated back to the "fifties." The survivors are Messrs R. Pearse and T. Blight, the latter an elder brother of the late Mr J.A. Blight. Mr Pearse, who was thrice mayor of the city, has just entered on his 90th year. He and Mrs Pearce reach ed Ballarat from Geelong in a bullock dray.[7]


The monthly meeting of the council of the association was held on Wednesday evening, at the hall; Mr J. A. Blight presiding. The secretary's report referred with Regret to the death of three old members—the late Messrs Robt. Davidson, Thos. Rae, and Mrs Lillingston. Two new members were elected. An application for assistance from an aged pioneer was left in the hands of the president and secretary. The usual relief votes were passed for payment, and it was decided to make the customary distribution of Christmas comforts to old members. Mr J. W. Graham reported having attended the Lands Department and secured permission to remove fencing from Mount Clear Reserve.[8]

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