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John Basson Humffray was the secretary of the Ballarat Reform League.



John Basson Humffray, was born on the 17 April, 1824 in Newtown, Morganshire, South Wales. In England he had been offered a position to study law, but made the choice to travel to the Victorian goldfields at Ballarat to become a prospector. Humffray had been involved in the Chartism movement in England. He was an active, card carrying member of the Ballarat Reform League in which he was elected secretary of the League on the 11 November 1854, during the illustrious Ballarat Reform League meeting on Bakery Hill.[1]

In the Victorian elections in November 1855, Humffray was elected as a member for Ballarat:

Mr. Humffray was proposed by Mr. James Hyce, seconded by Mr. John Yates, and supported by Mr. Clement Frazier. On coming forward, Mr. Humffray detailed the circumstances which had brought him before the public; he had been accused of being a stump orator; he could not help that, as he would act again as he had done before, were the same causes for political agitation in existence. On education, state aid to religion, and the gold export duty questions, his opinions perfectly coincided with those of Mr. Lalor. He believed that local legislation by municipalities, and the extension of the powers of the local courts, should be encouraged.[2]


Humffray was one of the instigators of the Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute.

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