James Burns Gray (c1854-1934)

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James Burns Gray was born about 1854 in Scotland to James Gray and Helen nee Gordon.

James Burns Gray worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

James Burns Gray died 30 September 1934 in the home of his daughter Ethel on Buncle Street, North Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Footscray Cemetery.



James Gray married Helen Gordon

--+ John Gordon Gray (1855-?)

--+ James Burns Gray (c1854-1934) married Elizabeth McKean

--.--+ Annie Jane Gray (1887-?)

--.--+ Ethel Gray (1885-1944) married William Ernest Lamb

--.--+ George Valentine Gray (1893-1974)

--.--+ William Gray (?-1959)

--+ William Arnot Stirling Gray (1857-1939) married Louisa Gertrude Parry (?-1964)

--.--+ Gweneth Constance Gray (1908-?)

--+ William Arnot Stirling Gray (1857-1939) married Violet Walker

--+ Thomas Murray Gray (1859-?)

--+ McEwen Gray (1861-?)

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