James Campbell Brown (1857-1936)

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James Campbell Brown, detail from a larger image, Phoenix Foundry Apprentices with their Model Locomotive Engine, Ballarat Historical Society Collection (Cat. No. 217.80), held at the Gold Museum. Collection: Sovereign Hill Museums Association



James Campbell Brown was born 1857 in Victoria (Australia) to Robert Brown and Janet nee Baird.

James Campbell Brown served a 6-year apprenticeship at the Phoenix Foundry including the years 1876 to 1879.

In 1878, a Model Locomotive Engine was made by James Campbell Brown, who was apprenticed to the Phoenix Foundry in 1871. He built the model with his fellow apprentices Francis Henry Davis (1858-1940), Louis Ludwig Ballhausen (1857-1912), Samuel John Morgan (1856-1939) and Herman Recard Warlond (1857-1948). The steam engine was donated to the Ballarat School of Mines Museum, and is now part of the Ballarat Historical Society Collection, which is held at the Gold Museum.

Congratulations were sent from a number of Ballarat residents on Saturday to Councillor N. C. Brown upon his election as Mayor of Geelong. Councillor Brown’s father, the late Mr. J. C. Brown, was for many years connected with the now defunct Phoenix Foundry, and was one of the apprentices whose model locomotive is still in the Ballarat Museum.

James Campbell Brown died 18 December 1936 in his home "Lesmond" on Victoria Parade, Geelong (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Geelong Eastern Cemetery.



Robert Brown [2] married Janet Baird[3]

--1 Margaret Brown (1855-1930)[4] married UNKNOWN Gibbs

--1 James Campbell Brown (1857-1936)[5] married[6] Marion Jane Naples (1858-1933)[7]

--.--2 Charles Naples Brown (1885-1947)[8] married[9] Gwenllian Helen Cole (1886-1972)[10]

--.--2 Florence Campbell Brown (1887-1972)[11] married[12] David Anderson

--.--.--3 Robert Campbell Anderson (1912-1969)[13]

--.--.--3 David Campbell Anderson (1914-1929)[14]

--.--2 Marion Ford Brown (1894-?)[15] married[16] Harold William Charlton

--1 Ellen Kean Brown (1860-?)[17]

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