James Dunstan (c1863-1890)

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He worked at the Phoenix Foundry in 1885, position unknown.


Family Tree

Thomas Dunstan

--1 Thomas Dunstan (c1826-1885)[1] married[2] Mary Ann Pawley (c1828-1873)[3]

--.--2 William Henry Dunstan (1856-1880)[4]

--.--2 Thomas Dunstan (c1859-1910)[5]

--.--2 Edward Dunstan (c1861-1915)[6]

--.--2 Lavina Dunstan (c1863-1866)[7]

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Phoenix Foundry



  1. born c 1826; died 1885 Ballarat Hospital, Victoria, Australia Reg#10936
  2. 04/10/1846 & 17/10/1846 St Gluvias, Cornwall, England
  3. known as Annie; daughter of Thomas Pawley and Mary UNKNOWN born c1828 Cornwall, England; died 1873 Victoria, Australia Reg#98; buried 01/02/1873 Ballaarat New Cemetery, Area Wesleyan A, Section 5, Grave 19
  4. born 1856 Daisy Hill, Victoria, Australia Reg#10451; died 1880 Victoria, Australia Reg#5497; buried Ballaarat Old Cemetery, Area BN, Section 6, Grave 4
  5. born c1859; died 1910 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Reg#294; buried Ballaarat New Cemetery, Area Independent A, Section 12, Grave 26
  6. born c1861; died 1915 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia; buried 21/06/1915 Ballaarat New Cemetery, Area Wesleyan C, Section 8, Grave 14
  7. born c1863 MAJO; died 1866 Victoria, Australia Reg#8342

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