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James Penrose was the manager of the Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company.



James Vivian Penrose was born in 1828 in Cornwall, to parents James Penrose, a miner, and Ann Vivian, one of five children. By 1834 his father had become a blacksmith. In 1851 or 1853[Notes 1] Penrose married Caroline Ann Phillips, with the first date likely to be 27 July 1851 at Lambeth St Mary, England. In December 1854 they arrived in Melbourne on the ship Herald of the Morning with their first son, William James, who was born in January 1854 in London. [1]

In November 1856, a cow belonging to "James Penrose" was lost or stolen at Black Hill.[2]

Their @third child was born in 1856 and the fourth in 1858, with both births registered as being in Ballarat. On the birth certificates Penrose’s profession is listed as engineer, as is his father’s.[1]

Items begin appearing in newspapers regarding the Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company in October 1857. The company commences work at Black Hill, but is wound up by January 1859, apparently without conducting any mining at the hill.

The birthplace of Penrose's fifth child is registered as being in Sandhurst in 1860, with his profession listed as engineer. According to a notice appearing in The Age on 20 August 1860, Penrose was declared insolvent. The next three children are born between 1862 and 1868 at Rushworth.[1]

Their last child was born in 1870 at Spring Creek, now called Graytown. Gold was discovered in Graytown in 1868, but the town was decimated by a great flood in 1870 and everyone left. After 1870 he apparently disappeared. It was thought by the family that he returned to England, but no record has been found of this. The NSW Police Gazette of 1875 lists him as a missing person, last seen in Hill End, NSW in 1874.[1]




November 8 £3 Reward. STOLEN or Strayed, on the 23rd October, from Black Hill 1 red poley Cow, with bell on, branded (L) near ribs. 1 black and white poley Cow, with rope on, branded RB off rump, (C) off side. 1 red and white spotted Cow, branded S off rump. The above reward will be paid on the above being delivered to James Penrose, Black Hill.[2]


October Items begin appearing in newspapers regarding the Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company.

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  1. According to Helen Penrose, there are two marriage certificates. James and Caroline's children’s birth certificates variously indicate either 1851 or 1853 as the parents’ marriage date.


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