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Eureka Bakery, Eureka Street, Ballarat East Federation University Historical Collection. (Cat. No. 15722)

John Davies was a baker in Talbot and Ballarat, Victoria, <1885-1923.



John Davies worked in the small mining town of Talbot, as a delivery man for baked goods. He had worked for a German baker, named Mr Trolla. During the day, Davies would deliver bread, while at night, he learned from his boss how to bake.[1] In 1885, Mr Trolla retired, and sold his bakery to Davies. Mr Davies operated the business successfully for several years, but as the gold mines in Talbot dried up, its population dwindled.

In 1894, John Davies sold his Talbot bakery, and moved to Ballarat, where he purchased the Eureka Bakery.[2] Like the bakeries previous proprietors, the Grays, Mr Davies continued to serve baked goods to all of the diggers and pioneer settlers of Eureka, Canadian, Jeweller’s Shop, and many other goldfields around East Ballarat. In 1923, Mr Davies passed ownership of the business to his son, Fred Davies.[3]


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