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John Foote died in 1886 as a the result of the shipwreck of the Ly-ee-Moon. He was a member of the Old Colonists' Association, Ballarat.[1]


The monthly meeting of the above was held on last Thursday evening, the president (Mr J. W. Graham) in the chair. Correspondence. From Mr Patrick Brennan, Port Albert, Gippsland, and Messrs Thomas Stoddart and T. D. Wanliss, with donations of £2 2s each Resolved that their names he placed on the list of life honorary members. From Mr James Vallins, with donation of 10s —Name ordered to be placed on the yearly honorary list. The usual vote of thanks was accorded to the donors. From secretary Old Colonists Association of Melbourne, announcing that the names of the officers and committee of manage ment of the Ballarat Association had been placed on their honorary list.—Resolved that the names of the gentlemen composing the council of the Old Colonists Association of Melbourne be enrolled as honorary members of the association. From the Secretary for Lands, intimating that the hon the Commissioner of Public Works, recognising the claims of the association to consideration, is willing to dispose of the build ing on the site in Camp street, recently granted by the hon the Minister of Lands to the association for the sum of £l0 —Referred to the committee’s report. Eight candidates for contributing membership were accepted and duly initiated, and two more were proposed. The report of the committee of management referred in terms of deep regret to the great lost the institution has sustained in the death of Vice President Br John Foote, who lost his life in the wreck of the Ly-ee-Moon, that, on intelligence of the sad event being confirmed, they had instructed the secretary to forward a letter of condolence to the widow; that it was also their painful duty to report the death of Br E J Hardinge whose remains were followed to the grave by a num ber of the brethren on the 13th inst. That an ad dress expressive of the esteem in which the deceased brother had been held was delivered on the occasion by Past VF, Br Butter. The report concluded by informing the meeting that the offer of the honorable the Commissioner of Public Works had been ac cepted by the officers on behalf of the Associa tion, and a cheque for the amount of the purchase of the building forwarded to that Department. On the motion for the adoption of the report, several of the brothers feelingly expressed their profound sorrow that so dire an event as the Ly ee Moon disaster should have occurred to deprive the institu tion of so good a member and so zealous an officer. The deepest sympathy was also expressed for the bereaved widow and family, and it was unanimously decided to instruct the officers to render Mrs Foote all the assistance in their power in prosecuting her claim for relief or compensation for the severe loss she has sustained, also that, as a mark of respect to her deceased husband, and in order to en sure a continuation of her connection with the association, it was resolved that her name be enrolled on the list of hie honorary members. The secretary reported that three life and two early honorary members have been added to the list during the month. The amount received for honorary fees and donations being £7 16s. That, as instructed, he had forwarded letter of condolence to Mrs John Foote, that the association was remarkably free from ordinary cases of sickness or distress, and that the next meeting nominations for officers and committee for the ensuing 12 months will be received. The reports were received and adopted Br Storey’s notice of motion regarding medical officer was withdraw. The question of cab fare at funerals was left in the hands of the officers with power Accounts passed for payment—Public Works Department, £l0, deputation ex penses, £3 15s 6d, current accounts, £6 6s 6d receipts of the evening, £l2 14s Credit balance, £137 8s 4d.[2]


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