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John Fraser was a gold digger at Dalton’s Flat, Ballarat, before 1854.[1]

Fraser was a member of the Ballarat Old Colonists' Association



We regret to announce the death of Mr John Fraser the well-known and popular secretary to the Old Colonists’ Association of Ballarat. The sad event took place some-what suddenly yesterday afternoon, and when the fact became known numerous expressions of regret were heard in the City and Town. Mr Fraser, who was about 55 years of age, had suffered from asthma for many years, and latterly the disease developed into what is known as “miner’s complaint,” and he was under treatment by a Chinese doctor. Mr Fraser’s death was quite unexpected by the members, of his family, for whom much sympathy is felt. The deceased was an old colonist, and he left the city of his birth in Scotland when a mere youth. Having received a fairly good education, he on arrival in Victoria was enabled to accept responsible positions where penmanship and calculation were required, though he subsequently at various periods engaged in mining pursuits. The deceased made many friends by his kind and courteous disposition, and by his death the Old Colonists’ Association of Ballarat lose an officer whose place it will be hard to fill. In days gone by Mr Fraser was the secretary to the Oddfellows’ Lodge, and he also filled the position of bookkeeper at the establishment of Mr E. Steinfeld, and latterly he acted as accountant at the shop of Messrs Allchin and Morrell. Last night the Old Colonists’ Association, on hearing of the death of their respected secretary, adjourned their meeting as a slight tribute of respect to his memory. Deceased leaves a widow and grown up family, one member of whom is Mrs Allchin. A magisterial enquiry touching the cause of death will be held to-day.[2]

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