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John Johnstone was superintendent of state forest plantations,[1] and was associated with the Victorian School of Forestry at Creswick. He had a practical training in forestry in Great Britain.[2] He established an arboretum, to be used for instructional purposes at the Victorian School of Forestry, in preparation for the first students.[3] "... This arboretum covers over 30 acres, and it has been planned so as to group the trees according to their country of origin. One division is devoted exclusively to trees which are natives of Europe, another to those of North America, a third to those of New Zealand, and so on. Scientific and common names are attached to each tree. Here the teacher may one day come with his class and give a much more instructive lesson on plant variation, plant structure, and growth than could be obtained from any text-book. Instructive lessons are already afforded by this forest plantation, which have a wider application than to students sent here for practical training. ..."[4]


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