John Joseph Watson (c1856-1885)

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John Joseph Watson was born about 1856 to William Watson (c1827-1885) and Mary nee Wearmouth (c1829-1917).

John Joseph Watson was an apprentice at the Phoenix Foundry in 1878.

John Joseph Watson died 9 March 1885 at the Geelong Railway Station when he was crushed between two railway carriages. He is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery (Area Private D, Section 4, Grave 11).



William Watson (c1827-1885) married Mary Wearmouth (c1829-1917)

--.--+ John Joseph Watson (c1856-1885) married Emily Pinchbeck

--.--+ Elizabeth Ann Watson (1858-?)

--.--+ Richard Watson (1860-1937)

--.--+ William Watson (1862-1885)

--.--+ James Watson (1865-?)

--.--+ Margaret Jane Watson (1868-?) married Arthur William Morton

--.--+ Mary Maria Watson (1870-1966) married Charles Garibaldi Gazzard (1874-1935)

--.--.--+ Charles Ivor Gazzard (1903-1977)

--.--.--+ Wilna Mary Harwood Gazzard (1905-?)

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