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John Reid was a confectioner, baker and pastrycook in Ballarat, Victoria, <1864-1887> Reid's first baking venture was in Plank Road, Ballarat East, where is was in partnership with John C. Weichhardt.[1]



John Reid was born in Wurtemberg, Germany. Reid was a member of the Master Bakers, who met at the Union Hotel in June 1864, and set the price for a loaf of bread at 1s 2d.[2]

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the partnership hitherto existing between John Reid and John Conrad Weickhardt, carrying on business as bakers, at the New York Bakery, on the Main Road, Ballarat, was this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business in future will be carried on by John Reid, who will receive and pay all moneys due and owing to and by the late firm.
Ballarat, 24th June, 1858.
Witness, J. FUSSELL.[3]

Reid was operating from premises on Lydiard Street, Ballarat in 1887.[4]


Deep regret was expressed in Ballarat when it became known that Mr John Reid, proprietor of Reid's coffee palace and the Provincial hotel in Lydiard street had died in Brisbane on the previous night. The deceased gentleman, who was 81 years of age, had been in ill-health for a long time, and about two months ago he went to Queensland to avoid the worst part of the Ballarat winter. He was then in a very weak state, and after reaching Brisbane, he had an attack of influenza, which hastened his end. The late Mr Reid was a native of Wurtemberg, Germany, and he came to Victoria at the end of 1854. The vessel that brought him was lying in the bay while the fight at the Eureka Stockade was taking place. He came on to Ballarat almost immediately, and in 1856 he started a bakery in Main road, Ballarat East. In 1885 he started the coffee palace in Lydiard street, and seven-years ago he became the proprietor of the Provincial Hotel. Mr Reid was a mining speculator on a large scale, and he.met with varying success in this direction. At the time, of his death he was one of the oldest members of St. John's Lodge of Freemasons. His wife predeceased him about eight years ago Mr Reid leaves a family of eight sons and daughters, all of whom, with one exception, are resident in Ballarat. The body will be embalmed in Brisbane, and will be brought to Ballarat for burial.[5]


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