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John Taylor, c1894.
Red House Token, 1862 Private Collection
Red House Token (verso_. Private Collection



In 1858 he was listed as John Taylor, baker in Dana Street.[1] John Taylor was the proprietor of the Red House Steam Biscuit Bakery and Confectionery in Dana Street, Ballarat.[2] He was a member of the Master Bakers, who met at the Union Hotel in June 1864, and set the price for a loaf of bread at 1s 2d.[3]

John Taylor was a confectioner, baker and pastrycook operating from premises on Sturt Street, Ballarat in 1887.[4]

He was insolvent in 1875.

(Schedule filed in Ballarat.)
John Taylor, Ballarat, baker, now out of business. Causes of insolvency—Losses by bad debts, depreciation in value of freehold and personal property, and inability to collect debts. Liabilities, £2713 11s 10d; assets, £2220; deficiency, £523 lls 10d. H. Levinson', official-assignee.[5]

John Baker was a member of the Old Colonists' Association, Ballarat.[6]

The extensive bread, biscuit, pastry and confectionery business of the late Mr J. Taylor is now being ably carried on by Mrs Taylor, at the Red House, 176 Sturt street. This is one of the oldest and best known businesses in Ballarat, having been established in 1856. All customers are supplied with goods of the very best quality, and the house is noted particularly for its scones. A branch has been opened at 144 Skipton street, and is meeting with de-served support from the public.[7]


Corner of Dana Street and Raglan Street, later known as Raglan Flats (demolished 1957).[8]


An 1862 token for the Red House Bakery.

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