John Thomas Vercoe (1860-1928)

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J.T.Vercoe, The Cyclopaedia of Victoria, Vol. II(1904)



John Thomas Vercoe was born in Ballarat in 1860.

At the age of seventeen he went to work in the Phoenix Foundry, where he served an apprenticeship of seven years. He remained there for a period of fifteen years, during which time he also studied at the Ballarat School of Mines.

He was subsequently appointed manager of the workshops for the well-known house of Miller and Co., machinery merchants with whom he remained for some time.[1]

By 1895 Vercoe had already resigned from Miller and Co. and had established Federal Iron Works.

J.T.Vercoe's Federal Ironworks, The Cyclopaedia of Victoria, Vol. II(1904)



Benjamin Spargo Vercoe (c1832-1868) married Phillippa Jane Richards (1838-1917)

--+ Elizabeth Kate Vercoe (1857-?)

--+ John Thomas Vercoe (1860-1928) married Mary Williams (c1864-1949)

--.--+ May Lilian Vercoe (1888-?) married Herbert Spencer Tregaskis (1885-1954)

--.--+ Emily Mary Vercoe (1889-1959) married Harry Pleydell

--.--+ Eliza Kate Endean Vercoe (1894-?) married Sydney Leigh Johnston

--+ Emily Jane Vercoe (1862-?) married Richards Williams

--+ Phillippa Caroline Vercoe (1864-1922)

--+ Joseph James Vercoe (1866-?)

--+ Benjamin Spargo Vercoe (1868-1940)

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Smith, James (Ed) The Cyclopedia of Victoria, Vol.II : An Historical and Commercial Review. Victoria: F.W. Niven & Co., 1904.

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