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John Wall was elected to the first Sebastopol Council on12 December 1864 and was Chairman of the Sebastopol Star Co. in 1887.[1]


In 1883 John Wall of Sebastopol initiated a series of lectures on Astronomy which led to instruction in Astronomical Science at the Ballarat School of Mines.[2]

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Ballarat School of Mines


The rules of the Ballarat Field Club and Science Society were printed in the Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report 1882.

President - James Oddie
Vice-Presidents - William Henry Nicholls, Alfred Mica Smith
Treasurer - Frederick Martell
Secretary - Ferdinand Krause
Assistant Secretary - I.J. Jones
Committee - R. T. Vale, John Wall, T. Potter, I.J. Jones, R. Lorimer, Dr Whitcombe, Herman Ritz.[3]


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