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Member of the Old Colonists' Association.



The remains of an old identity of Ballarat, in the person of Mr Jonas Ackroyd, were interred in the New Cemetery yesterday asteruoon. The Rev. J.B. Johnson, who had been in attendance on deceased during his illness, conducted an impressive service at the hhouse and at the cemetery. Mr Ackroyd, who was a native of Halifax, Yorkshire, England, had been a resident of Ballarat for 37 years. He was a weaver at the Sunnyside Woollen Mills ever since they were established. He died on Tuesday last at the age of 82 years. A large number of relatious and friends were present at the funeral, among whom were a large assemblage of the Old Colonists’ Association, of which Mr Ackroyd was a member.[1]


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  1. ↑ Ballarat Star (Vic. : 1865 - 1924), Friday 24 July 1891.

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