Joseph Edward Cowley (1847-1910)

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Joseph Edward Cowley was the proprietor of Eureka Foundry.

J.E. Cowley.
Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 15771)



Joseph Edward Cowley was christened 10 October 1847 in Lezayre (Isle of Man), his parents were Phillip Cowley (1813-1856) and Jane nee Webster (1818-1892).

Joseph Cowley arrived in Ballarat in 1851.

Joseph Edward Cowley worked at the Phoenix Foundry.

In 1887 he was listed as a boiler maker operating from premises on Ligar Street, Ballarat.[1]

According to the Cyclopaedia of Victoria (1904), Cowley was the proprietor of a business called Eureka Iron Works, which was situated on Rodier Street, Ballarat East.[2]

Joseph Edward Cowley died 24 January 1910 in his home "Eureka' on Belford Street, Ballarat (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the Ballaarat New Cemetery (Area Wesleyan A, Section 3, Grave 02).



John Cowley (1767-?) married Catherine Kelly

--+ Phillip Cowley (1813-1856) married Jane Webster (1818-1892)

--.--+ John W. Cowley (c1838-?)

--.--+ Robert Henry Cowley (1839-?)

--.--+ Thomas William Cowley (1840-1914)

--.--+ Jane Sophia Cowley (1842-?)

--.--+ Francis Stephen Cowley (1843-?)

--.--+ Mary Ann Cowley (1845-?)

--.--+ Joseph Edward Cowley (1847-1910) married Isabella West Emerson (c1856-1907)[3]

--.--.--+ Edith Emerson Cowley (1877-1909) married Herbert L. McDowell

--.--.--+ Ethel Webster Cowley (1879-1921) married Ernest Chamberlain

--.--.--.--+ Joseph Edwin Chamberlain

--.--.--+ Ralph Ramsey Cowley (1882-1951) married Elizabeth Jane McGregor (1881-?)

--.--.--.--+ SON Cowley (1917-?)

--.--+ Margaret Catherine Cowley (1849-?)

--.--+ Philip Hebden Cowley (1851-?)

--.--+ Charles Kelly Cowley (1852-?)

--.--+ Eliza Herbert Cowley (1855-?)

--.--+ Mona Cowley (?-1917)

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Webb's Directory, 1894, page 39 - COWLEY Jos, Ironfounder, Belford Street Ballarat.


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Further Reading

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