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Joseph T. Sleep, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 15771)
Members of the Old Colonists' Association,1917. Australian Town and Country Journal, Wed 21 Dec 1904
J.T. Sleep Hallmark on the Loreto Chapel Foundation Stone Trowel, (Loreto Provence Archives)
Loreto Chapel Foundation Stone Trowel by J.T. Sleep, (Loreto Provence Archives)
Loreto Chapel Foundation Stone Trowel by J.T. Sleep (detail) showing hand engraved detail,
'Presented by the Architects to the Very Revd J. Moore. D.D.O.G. on the occasion of his laying the foundation Stone of the Loretto Convent Ballarat 8th Decr 1881.
Loreto Provence Archives)
Invoice from J.T. Sleep, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 607 )
Clock by J.T. Sleep Collection of the Old Colonist's Association, Ballarat.



Joseph Thomas Sleep was from England. He arrived in Australia in 1855, and arrived in Ballarat in August 1855. J.T. Sleep was a jeweller operating from premises on Lydiard Street, Ballarat in 1887.[1] He later when into partnership with Gerrard, and by the late 1890s the partnership had dissolved.

In December 1877 Joseph T. Sleep was appointed as a Magistrate for the southern Bailiwick of Victoria.[2]


Joseph Thomas Sleep was born near Plymouth, England in 1837. He was a watchmaker, jeweller and manufacturing silversmith situated at 7 Lydiard Street, Ballarat.[3] In the 1875 Ballarat Directory Sleep advertised 'watches by the best makers' and watches and clocks repaired by skilful workmen'.

Ballarat Volunteer Regiment Involvement

Highly involved with the Ballarat Volunteer Rifle Regiment

  • 1860 joined the volunteer forces as a private.[4]
  • 09 March 1864, appointed Lieutenant of the 1st Ballarat Corps.[5].
  • 1865 comissioned a captain with the voluteer forces[6]
  • 06 December 1867, Lieutenant Sleep of the 1st Ballarat Corps to be Captain in the Voluneteer Force, and to be Officer commander the 3rd Ballarat Rifle Corps.[7].
  • 16 February 1874, amalgamation of 1st and 3rd Ballarat Rifles, to be designated the 1st Ballarat Rifles. Major William Collard Smith appointed Officer Commanding, with Joseph Thomas Sleep Acting-Major. [8]
  • 06 March 1878, H.T. Sleep appointed Commanding Officer of the Ballarat Volunteer Battalion afer the resignation of William Collard Smith.[9]
  • 28 December 1883, promoted from Major to Lieutenant Colonel to command a Battalion of the Infantry
  • 01 January 1889, Lieutenant Colonel J.T. Sleep, 3rd Battalion Victorian Rifles, transferred to the Reserve of officers.[10]
  • 16 October 1894, Lieutenant Colonel J.T. Sleep placed on the retired list, with permission to retain and wear their uniform in accordance with Victorian Military Regulations.[11]


The death occurred at Ballarat yesterday of Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Thomas Sleep. He was born at Plymouth, England, in 1830, and came to Victoria when aged 19 years. He settled in Ballarat in 1857, and later entered into business as a jeweller. In 1860 he joined the Ballarat Volunteer Rifle Regiment, which became the Volunteer Rangers, and later the Third Victorian Rifles, of which he was the first commanding officer. The Rifles was later known as the Old Seventh, from which Colonel Sleep retired in 1894. He was a member of the rifle team which toured Great Britain, Europe, and the United Stales in 1871. For many years he was returning officer for the Ballarat State electorate, and was a member of the managing bodies of many public organisations in Ballarat. He was interested in sport, and some years ago settled on his estate in South Gippsland.[12]


Situated at 7 Lydiard Street, Ballarat.


Community Involvement

Sleep was a member of the Ballarat Rifle Brigade.

Works Produced

Trowel used for laying the Foundation Stone at Loreto Chapel, Ballarat.

Jospeh Sleep was the manufacturer of optical goods. He imported steel and nickel frames for spectacles from England, and by means of delecate instruments ground glasses to the variety of sights.[13]

Cases to carry jewellery were also manufactured at Sleep's workshop.[14]


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