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THE KENT HOTEL. Inspector Balchin explained that this hotel, which was situated near the City Oval, was a one-storied, wooden place up to 4th April, 1907, Mrs Giseonda Brown was the licensee. , On the 17th December, 1906, she was fined £3 for allowing a drunken person to be on the premises. There were also two convictions which did not count as far as the present proceedings were concerned.. The licence was trans-ferred to the present licensee on the 8th April, 1907. The place was well conducted now. The hotel was in fair repair, and contained about eleven rooms, including bathroom and four bedrooms,The hotel was not required, although it was a convenience when sports were held on the City Oval. Several sporting men and other gave evidence in favor of the continuance of the hotel. J. E. R. Millington, manager of the Ballarat Brewing Company, the owners of the property, said that the Kent Hotel was a good business hotel. The com pany had prepared plans for the erection of a new hotel at a cost of £1250. The trade of the hotel had been increasing during the past five years. The board reserved its decision[1]



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