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Sketch Section From Lal Lal to the Moorabool, 1882 by Ferdinand Krause. Federation University Historical Collection. (Cat.No.26151)



Lal Lal Falls meanings ‘dashing of waters', as determined by the original Wuthaurung community inhabitants. The Falls are also significant as the spiritual resting place of the Kulin People.[1]


Lal Lal is home to the spectacular Lal Lal Falls. The township of Lal Lal was originally part of an extensive sheep run established in 1845 but later formed around the discovery and mining of iron ore, lignite, kaolin (clay) and to a lesser degree, gold. The opening of the Lal Lal railway in 1862 cemented the township as an important mining location and site for transportation of minerals.[2]

‘A novelty in kaolin has been discovered at Lal Lal in the leasehold held by Smith, Wynne and Co. In opening up the ground some four feet of white pipeclay, as supposed, was gone through before the Kaolin was reached. A subsequent examination, however, has shown that this stratum is pure kaolin, nearly as fine as that prepared for the market by washing. This discovery will no doubt greatly enhance the value of the company’s ground. We mentioned some time ago that a stratum of yellow kaolin had been found, believed to be valuable, but it has been ascertained that the color is due to the presence of iron, and therefore this kaolin is far less marketable than the pure white.’ [3]

Lal Lal became a popular tourist destination because of the Falls and its country racing program. The New Years Day Race Meeting drew crowds from far and wide with over visitors flocking to the event by steam train. A special train line was built to link the railway station with the race course.[4]

As the mining diminished so did Lal Lal, gradually returning to its former rural role.[5]

Includes heritage sites such as the original blast furnace and the majestic bluestone railway station, and remnants of its mining history.[6]


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Lal Lal once had a racecourse, which hosted an annual race on New Years Day. Up to 4,000 people would attend the meet every year, with events from Steeple Chases to Trots being included in the event's programme [7]


Lal Lal Roll of Honour

Lal Lal Iron Mining Co.

Lal Lal Iron Tramway

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