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Lester's Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1862-1916>.

Lester's Hotel, Courtesy Max Harris Photography Collection, Ballaarat Mechanics' Institute
Lester's Hotel
Lesters Hotel, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. NO. 4692)



When the hotel closed in 1916, the Age newspaper reported:

A BALLARAT HOSTELRY. LESTER'S HOTEL CLOSED. BALLARAT, Monday. Hotel business was permanently closed at Lester's Hotel, Sturt-street, the occupier. Mr. J. Remington, having surrendered his licence owing to the prevailing depression. The hotel will probably not again be used in connection with the business of the licensed victualler, as it is proposed to convert the premises into a coffee palace, or remodel them for shop purposes. The hotel was established 50 years ago by Mr. J. Bellair, a member of the company of the celebrated tragedian. Mr. G. V. Brooke, who was drowned in the foundering on the steamship London in the Bay of Biscay. The property, which forms portion of the Rowland estate, passed in inter years into the tenancy of Mr. Alfred Lester, whose name has been borne for more than 40 years.[1]

The hotel's closure was even reported in the Perth newspapers:

THE MIGHTY FALLEN. LESTER'S HOTEL CLOSED. PALTRY COMPENSATION. MELBOURNE, This Day. This evening 139 hotels, which have either surrendered their licences, or have been compulsorily closed, will terminate their existence. Amongst the most notable is Lester's, of Ballarat, once one of the best known in the State. Business fell away so much that, the licensee had to give up. The compensation was only £175.[2]


"Lester's" hotel, Sturt street, Ballarat, is one of the leading hotels in Victoria, and possesses all the latest improvements. The premises are centrally situated, and electric trams pass the door every few minutes[3]


Lester's Hotel was in [[Sturt Street].[4] opposite Shoppee Square. In 1868 a cottage in Albert Street was advertised as being adjacent to the hotel.[5]


Community Involvement

In 1884, Robert Lewis, and old colonist of Ballarat, was found dead in his room at the hotel.[6]

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