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Martha Pinkerton and her brother Frank Pinkerton were longstanding supporters of the Ballarat School of Mines and its students.[1]

These siblings were two of the three children fathered by William Pinkerton, one of the 'Golden City's' successful, pioneer mining investors. In the early 1930s Martha, who was a past student at the Ballarat Technical Art School, began to give a succession of practical donations to the institution which commenced during the Depression years. Thereafter, for approximately a decade until her early death, she continued to donate £50 annually to assist with the payment of the fees of students at the Technical Art School who were experiencing financial difficulties.[2]

Martha Pinkerton died at Ballarat on 05 April 1939, leaving real estate valued at £750 and personal estate assessed at £7,807. After payment of debts the sum of approximately £7,000 was distributed equally between the Ballarat Technical Art School, the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, Ballarat College, St Andrew's Kirk Presbyterian Church, her brother William Pinkerton, and two others being one female cousin and a niece.[3]

In the Ballarat School of Mines 1939 Annual Report its President, W.H. Middleton, announced 'I am very pleased to be able to report that in December we received £500, being the first instalment of the one-seventh share bequeathed to us by the last Miss Martha K. Pinkerton. This money is to be invested and the interest used to provide scholarships for students in the Art School. It will be remembered that the late Miss Pinkerton was a past student of the Art School and for a number of years provided annual scholarships of £50.' The Ballarat School of Mines received a further instalment of £365 from Martha's estate in 1940, and when the final payment was received in 1941 this important bequest reached a total of £951.[4]

After receiving that balance of its share of the Martha's estate in early 1941 the School called for inaugural applications for its new art scholarship. The first advertisement appeared in the Ballarat Courier on 4 March 1941. It noted the award included payment of £30 per annum and free tuition. Shortly afterwards Margaret MacDougal was announced as the first recipient of the Martha K. Pinkerton scholarship.[5]


The Art Gallery of Ballarat received a bequest of at least 1000 pounds for the purchase of artworks to be known as the Pinkerton Bequest.[6]

The late Miss Martha Kenny Pinkerton of Ballarat, whose will reveals a bequest of approximately 1000 pounds for the establishment of a scholarship or scholarships for pupils of the Art School attached to the SChool of Mines, is not by any means a new benefactress to art. According to Mr H.H. Smith, principal of the Art School, Mis Pinkerton annually made available 50 pounds for the assistance of deserving art students fro some 10 years before her death. Mr Smith stated yesterday that the income from Miss Pinkerton's bequest would probably be used to provide one scholarship a year or several smaller scholarships according to the needs of promising students.[7]

The recipients of the Martha K. Pinkerton Art Scholarship are:

1932 George Ludbrook, Norman James, Kenneth Dunstan, Robert Elliott, William Chambers, Minsie Strange, David Desnoy, Emily Hisckock, Alber E. Pinney, Mabel Wyatt, Bruce Spedding, Terence Lynch, James A. Haley. T.D. Comrie, Fred Bond, Harry Trethowan, L.A. Smith, Anne Wright, Jessie Shelton

1933 Margaret Wright, Roma Bruce, Dorothy Woolcock, James Tyler, Lloyd Angwin, Jean Guy, Lena Eldridge, Peter Richards, Ruth Lester, Myrtle Kelly, Robert Elliott, Harry Trethowan, George Ludbrook, Thomas Riley, Laurance Smith, Bruce Spedding, David Desnoy, Frederick Walters, George Ludbrook, David Desnoy, Thomas Riley, Doris Sandberg, Bruce Browne, Thomas D. Comrie, William McCoy, Nornie Gude, Raymond Scholes, Frederick Walters, Harry Trethowen, Lilian Woods.

1934 Jean Coates, Robert Brown, George Cornish, Fred C. Walters, HE. Trahar, W. McCoy, George Cornish, Nancy McKenzie.

1935 F.C. Walters, Bessie Serjeant, Hazel Robinson, Jean Coates, J. Nicholls, D. Gibson, Russell King, Gladys Bilney, Reginald Warnock, Patricia Walsh, J. Nicholls, D. Gibson, George R. Dixon

1936 Gwen Lemin, Jean Coates, Allan Nye, Hazel Robinson, Betty Brown, Gilda Gude, D. Gibson, H. Dixon, Russell King, Patricia Walsh, Iris Leviston, Bessie Sergeant, R. Maxwell, E. Brimscombe, Russell King, Patricia Walsh, Jean Birch, R. McHutchinson,

1937 Hazel Robinson, D. Gibson, R. Maxwell, E. Brimscombe, Patricia Walsh, Iris Leviston, Bessie Serjeant, Rona Matthews, Linda Perrin

1938 Max Webster, Patricia Walsh, Bonny Hocking, Bessie Sergeant, R. Maxwell, T. Newcombe, Elsie Fisher, Deirdre Matthews, Alexander McNeil, Alexander McNeil, Frederick K. Edwards

1939 Max Webster, Bessie Sargeant, E. Soncum, T. Newscombe, Elsie Fisher, Ivy Middleton, John Askwith, Alexander McNeil, Fredeick R. Edwards, T. Newcombe, Elsie Tatlock.

1940 Max Webster, Bessie Sargant, E. Soncum, T. Newcombe

1941 Margaret MacDougal

1942 Mavis Margaret Dark

1943 Mavis Margaret Dark

1944 Leila Walter

1945 Beatrice E. Burgess

1946 Beatrice E. Burgess, Joan Walter

1969 B. Panke and D. Micich

1970 B.U. Panke and W.J. Reeder

1971 Birget Panke and Warwick Reeder

1972 D.L. Stewart and I.M. Close

1979 Ewen Matthew Ross and Terence David Osborn

1980 Stephen Mark King and Raymond Herbert Krusche

1981 Joanna Susan Reeves and Penny Craig

1983 Effie Karagiozaki and Tracey Michell Barnes

1984 Tarli Glover and Carl Perry Hammond

1985 Malcolm Craig Bywaters and Michele K. Murray

1986 Cordelia Luisa Aiello and Christopher John White

1987 Cordelia Luisa Aiello and Graeme Leonard Bord

1988 Tonya Maree Blizzard and Andrew John Burnham

1991 Nicholas Teague

1992 Elaine Utmar


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Miss Martha Pinkerton has repeated her generous action of last year and given 50 pounds to assist in paying the fees of students of the technical Art School who are in difficulties. Her help last year was very much appreciated and will be very welcome this year also. Miss Pinkerton is an old student of the school.[8]


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