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Origin of the name

Maryborough was originally named Simons ranges, after the Simpsons pastoralists, it was renamed by James Daly, Assistant Gold Commissioner, after his Irish birthplace. Maryborough became a borough in 1857 and a city in 1961. [1]


The Scottish Simpson Brothers, pastoralists from NSW, were the first white settlers to the Maryborough area, they settled on the banks of the Loddon River, a few miles north of Carisbrook. [2] The Dja Dja Wurrung aborigines called the area Tuaggra but the Maryborough district was first settled as early as 1840 by the Scottish Simson brothers, who began sheep farming in the district. The town site was surveyed in 1854, with a police camp, Methodist Church and hospital amongst the first infrastructure. When gold was found, the population quickly grew and by 1856 there were up to 53,000 people living in the district. Maryborough was named after Commissioner James Daly’s Irish birthplace. Land sales commenced in 1856, and Maryborough became the administrative and commercial centre of the area. The town became a borough in 1857. The last gold mine in Maryborough closed in 1918. In 1924 the Maryborough Knitting Mills opened, which established the town as a centre for the wool industry. Maryborough became a city in 1961.


Maryborough municipility was proclaimed on 28th March 1857. The first election was held on May 4th 1857 and resulted in seven councillors being elected Alexander McLandress being elected chairman and D.K.Campbell, M.Garland, F.Fowler, D. Taylor Levy and Roberts councillers. [3] Maryborough was subdivided into three wards 1887 and decalred a city in 1961.

Geography and climate



Maryborough Chamber of Commerce




Maryborough Mining Association - Maryborough Progress Association - Maryborough Returned Soldiers Association - Maryborough Traders Association - Maryborough Progress Association


St Augustine Catholic Church - Church of Christ - Church of England - Cogregrational Church - Presbyterian Church - Methodist Church - Salvation Army - Weslyan Church


Maryborough Elderly Citizen's Club - Tullaroop Turf Club


Maryborough Agriculture Society - Maryborough Field Naturalists Society - Maryborugh Highland Society - Maryborough Ladies Benevolent Society - Maryborough Mutual Protection Society - Music and Drama Society - Shakespeare Society - Temperance Society

Maryborough Citizen's Brass Band

Maryborough Highland Gathering

Maryborough Library

Maryborough Masonic Lodge



Cricket Clubs

Enterprise Cricket Club - Maryborough Cricket Club


Maryborough Football Association - Bowenvale Football Club - Bristol Hill Football Club - Carisbrook Football Club - Maryborough Football Club

Maryborough Rovers Football Club - Royal Park Football Club


Maryborough Golf Club


Maryborough Swimming Club


Christ Church Tennis Club - Grosvenor Club - Lawn Tennis Club - Maryborough Tennis Club - V.R.I. Tennis Club


Deep Leads Electrical Transmission Company

George Lucas and Co.

J. Liston and Co.

Maryborough and District Brewing Company

Maryborough Butter Factory (Maryborough District Co-operative Butter Factory Company Limited)

Maryborough Flour Mill

Maryborough Gas Company

Maryborough Hosiery Company

Maryborough Knitting Mills

Maryborough Mining Companies - Maryborough Mining Gullies - Maryborough Mining Leads - Maryborough Mining Reefs

Maryborough Post Office

Maryborough Preserving Co.

Maryborough Waterworks Co.

Patience and Nicholson (Australia) Pty Ltd

Phelan Industries

Robinson's Brass and Soho Foundry


Worsley Cottage Museum


Cobb and Co

Maryborough Railway Station


In the European style the Italianate buildings face a small square, known as McLandress Square. The imposing Victorian post office was built in 1877 as a post office, courthouse and sub-treasury. The town hall was built in 1887 and the courthouse in 1892-93.



Maryborough School 404 - Maryborough East School 2828 - Maryborough High School - Maryborough Technical School 7222 - Church of England School 411 - Catholic School 445 - Farleigh Ladies College 302 - St Augustines Primary School - Highview College


Maryborough and Dunolly Advertiser

Maryborough Advertiser


Radio Station 3CV

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Towns and Settlements



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