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Engineering at the Ballarat School of Mines

William Henry Shaw (1830-1896) lecturer in Engineering reported in the Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report for 1884:

The instruction given during the year has comprised mechanical drawing and designing with general workshop practice, and the preparation of drawings of machinery erected in the district - these latter have been prepared from sketches and measurements taken by the students themselves, thereby giving them a clearer and more intimate knowledge of what they are doing than could be obtained by any other method.
The practical usefulness of the class will be greatly enhanced when several machines, which the Council propose to procure and place in the room where the gas engine has recently been erected are available for the use of the students, as then the mechanical operation and manipulation of the different machines can be practically taught; this will be of great value to the students, and must become one of the most important branches of instruction in the institution, and I would urge on the Council the necessity of placing these appliances at the disposal of the class without delay.

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