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Around 11 Fawkner Street, Redan.


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The half-yearly meeting of the above company was held yesterday afternoon at the office, Mr R. Tolhurst (chairman), presided. There was a fair attendance of shareholders. Directors’ Report.—“ At the date of our last report, the machinery was being erected, but in consequence of the action of some of the original shareholders in refusing to pay their contributions, the erection of plant had to be suspended for want of funds. Action was taken against them for the amount due, but the company was defeated. Immediate proceedings were then taken to dispose of the forfeited shares, and 12,530 shares were sold by auction; the company realising the entire capital on them. This having put the company in funds the erection of the plant was proceeded with, and now stands completed. Your directors having decided to use wire ropes, alterations for them had to be made to the winding gear, and new pulleys for the poppet-heads had to be procured. The whole of the foundry work is completed, and is being placed in position. Application was made to the Prospecting Board for £3OO to assist the company in sinking the shaft; they have recommended £15O, which remains to he con firmed by the Mining Department. The position of the company, financially and otherwise, being good, your directors have every confidence in its future success. The accounts, duly audited, are laid before you. —R. Tolhurst, Chairman; Joseph Curthoys, Manager.” The receipts for the half-year amounted to £324 8s Id, and the expenditure to £3ll 2s 6d, leaving a credit balance of £l3 5s 7d. The general balance sheet totalled £4926 19s 7d. The report and balance-sheets were adopted. The retiring directors and auditors were re-elected; and after a vote of thanks to the chair the meet ing closed.[1]
Morning Star Company, Redan, Ballarat - Crosscut extended 16ft for the week in good working country; water about the same.[2]


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  2. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 February 1889.

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