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Mount Pleasant is located on the southern extremity of Ballarat between the Yarrowee Creek and the White Horse Range. Physically it is largely cut off from the rest of Ballarat which contributes to a sense of a suburb apart.[1] The Mount Pleasant - Golden Point precinct was settled from the 1850's as a result of gold discoveries in the area. Golden Point, discovered in 1851, was one of the richest alluvial fields in the Ballarat Goldfields. A rough and ready tent town soon sprang up, providing access to such services as butchers, tradesmen and sly grog tents. By the late 1850s underground quartz mining was occurring in Barkly Street at Gum Tree Flat and nearby.[2]

The suburb is bordered by the Yarrowee River to the west, Gladstone Street to the north, Magpie and Britain Street to the east and Ballarat Goldfields to the south. While Mount Pleasant is organized primarily on a grid plan, the converging lines of some streets indicate their origins as tracks before the streets were made. [3]


The urban district of Ballarat has been extended by the addition of the subdivision of Mt Pleasant from the former electorate of Warrenheip and Grenville, which has been eliminated in the redistribution. Mt Pleasant (with 2,231 electors) favoured Labour at the last election for Warrenheip and Grenville, in which Mr.E. J. Hogan (CP) was defeated by Mr R. J. A. Hyatt (Lab).[4]

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Mount Pleasant Uniting Church (formerly Mt Pleasant Methodist Church, is situated in Morton Street, Mt Pleasant. It's last service was held in January 2007.[5]



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