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The Napoleons area was one of the first in the Ballarat district to be settled by European’s in 1837. Gold was discovered in 1857 and by the early 1900’s was a thriving town. Napoleons was first known as ‘Napoleon’s Lead’ and later was called Napoleon and then eventually Napoleons. By the late 19th century Napoleons (whose name originated from a miner nicknamed because of the hat he wore) had developed into a thriving township comprising four hotels, a grocer, butcher, blacksmith, post office, three churches and two denominational schools (Napoleons & District. The First 150 Years). Remnants of Napoleons heritage are still visible today including Nelson’s Water Hole where miners camped to water their horses, mullock heaps indicating the site of former mines and the heritage listed former police station and residence located on the Colac-Ballarat Road. The former Napoleons Police Station and residence is of historical significance for serving as a teacher residence for the Napoleons State School from 1916 until the 1960s.[1]

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