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The New Australasian No. 2 Deep Lead Gold Mine in Creswick is the scene of one of Australia's worst underground mining disasters. On the 11th of December 1882 forty one men entered the New Australasian No 2 mine to work a seemingly ordinary Monday night shift. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, 12th of December 1882, water flooded the mine from the old workings of Australasian No. 1 trapping twenty seven of the men underground. Rescue efforts commenced immediately but by the time the miners were reached three days later only five had survived. The body of one man was still warm when it was recovered.[1]




Community Involvement

Works Produced

Workplace Relations

The People

List of the Dead

Christian Frederick Fisher (55) Wittenburg, Germany

James Carmody (53) County Clare, Ireland

George Baulcomb (52 & 10 months) Maidstone, Kent, England

Nathaniel Trescowthick (45) Cornwall, England

Michael Hayes (1) (45) Ireland

John Gower (44) Lyminge, Kent, England

William Curtis (42) Gwennap, Cornwall, England

James Minahan (38) County Clare, Ireland

William Tregloan (37 & 6 months) Marazion, Cornwall

Edward Campon Dargon (36) Kilkenny, Ireland

Anton Anderson (36) Christianstada, Finland

John Henry Crougey (35) Stithians, Cornwall, England

James Mitchell Temby (35) Redruth, Cornwall, England

James O’Shea also known as James Walsh (34years & 11 months) County Waterford, Ireland

Carl Waldemar Theodor Serrurier (34) Berlin, Prussia

Thomas Penbertha Chegwin (31) Redruth, Cornwall, Ireland

Abraham Wyatt (31) Adelaide, South Australia

Jabez Bellingham (28) Worcestershire England

Benjamin Bowen Bellingham (21) Happy Valley, Victoria.

John Tom Clifton (27) Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

Edward Wood (26) Oldham, Lancashire, England

John Thomas Hodge (18) Creswick


Peter Maloney

John Manley died 25/1/1924

Tom Corbett died 31/5/1935 Creswick

Cornelius Quirk died Feb. 1922 Milawa

Patrick Bowen died 26/3/1909 Creswick

Working in the Mine at the time of the disaster but escaped the flooding

John Hodge, Snr. father of John Hodge (Captain of the shift)

George Fisher (Faceman)

Henry Reeves (Contractor)

William Mason (Contractor)

Michael Carmody (Platman) son of James Carmody

John Woods (Trucker)

Edmund Woods (Trucker)

Hugh Crosbie

Alf Trelor

Charles Menner (Faceman)



Henry Polglase (Trucker)


Engine Drivers working the Pumps

James Spargo (On duty at the time of the accident)

James Harris (1)

Thomas Clough

Other Workers

Thomas Clarke (Pitman)

George Lowe

William Carbis (Shift captain)

William Townsend

Robert Egglestone

William Nichols, Jnr (helped in the office)

Andrew Robertson (Manager Davies’ Junction Mines)

Medical Team

Dr Robert C. Lindsay

Dr Lyons

Dr John Tremearne

Dr Bell

Amalgamated Miners' Association

George Williams (1) (President) Ballarat

William Guthrie Spence (Secretary)

Volunteer Fire Brigade

Piening (ex Captain)

H. Wood

W. Herriot

G. Painter

H.M.S. Cerberus

Divers Trusker

Divers Meyers

Attendant Mexham

Attendant Mewes

Spiritual Comfort

Rev. Charles Robinson

Rev. Thomas Williams (Wesleyan)

Rev. John Glover (Anglican)

F.C. Vian (Primitive Methodist)

W. Bettiss (Bible Christian)

Fr. O’Brien (Catholic)

Inspector of Mines

Charles Stewart (1)


Mrs. J.T. Jebb

Mrs. W.P. Jones

Coroner's Court


J.C. Thomson, P.M.


William Bell (1) (foreman)

Thomas F. Kemp

Thomas Phillips

William Mallan

George Tait (1)

John Bankis

Richard Rowe

A. Ewald

Robert S. Barclay

Thomas Bestead

John Donaldson (1)

William Solly

William Isles

Robert Falla

Thomas Morris


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