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Phoenix Foundry Land Sale' 1947.' Federation University Australia Historical Collection (image gift of Ron Woods) [Cat. No. 6599.2].

Corner of Sturt and Doveton Streets in 1907.





  • March 1912 At the City Court to-day Michael Newton, licensee of Newton's Hotel, was changed with having traded on Sunday, March 3. Senior-Constable Stevenson said that he visited the hotel between 9.30 and 10 p.m. on the date men tioned. In one room leading off the bar, he found two men with the licensee having drinks. There were several men in another room, and the licensee's daughter was in the bar serving drinks. A fine of £10 was entered. A stay of 14 days was granted. Michael Newton was also charged with having failed to have every door leading to the bar locked on Sunday, March 3. He was fined £5.[1]

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