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There was also a Northumberland Hotel in Clunes.

The Northumberland Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1862-1892.




At the City Police Court today, Michael M'Ñamara was charged with forging the name of John Stewart to a cheque for £5 10s, with intent to defraud Mrs Moloney, wife of the landlord of the Northumberland Hotel, on the 8th of last April, and was committed for trial, but allowed bail As the prisoner M'Namnra-committed at the police court this morning for forgery was being taken to gaol, he suddenly bolted from the police, but was soon secured again.[1]

It was one of the 26 hotels closed in 1892 in Ballarat as part of the changes to licensing laws.[2][3] The owners were paid £939 compensation for the closure of the business.[2]


The Northumberland Hotel was in Sturt Street.[4][3]


Community Involvement

In 1862 a man was found trying to sleep in the hotel cellar:

A QUEER PLACE TO TAKE A NAP. - Richard Thomas alias Towards, was charged with burglariously entering the house of Mr Omrod, of the Northumberland Hotel. The wife of the prosecutor deposed that she kept the hotel referred to, and about half-past ten o'clock on the previous night she heard a noise at the trapdoor of the cellar. She went out and tried to lift the door but could not do so. Five minutes subsequently she heard a noise in the cellar, and the servant went down from the inside and found the prisoner there, who said he went there to take a sleep. There was no property removed that witness was aware of. Robert Omrod deposed that in consequence of his wife telling him something, he examined the cellar door, and found that it had been raised. He looked up and down the street and could not see any person. Witness then went in, and in five minutes afterwards his wife again called him and he went into the cellar and found the prisoner there. Witness did not know the prisoner. On examining the cellar door he found that the staple had been drawn and the bolt had fallen down. He gave the prisoner into the custody of the police. The accused was remanded to have enquiries made as to his antecedents.[5]

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