Other Ceramic Product Manufacturing

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Operators involved in Other Ceramic Product Manufacturing will have one or a combination of the following activities as the primary activity of their operations: vitreous china bathroom fixture manufacturing; fireclay brick manufacturing; refractory brick manufacturing; refractory cement manufacturing; ceramic goods manufacturing; clay paver manufacturing; refractory clay manufacturing; crockery manufacturing; refractory crucible manufacturing; table or kitchen earthenware manufacturing; ceramic flower pot manufacturing; graphite crucible or foundry accessory manufacturing; porcelain insulator manufacturing; ceramic pipe manufacturing (including vitreous china or porcelain); porcelain goods manufacturing; pottery goods manufacturing; refractory product manufacturing; clay or terracotta roof tile manufacturing; refractory silica brick manufacturing; stoneware pipe of fittings manufacturing; terracotta goods manufacturing; wall or floor ceramic tile manufacturing; vitreous china goods manufacturing; and/or ceramic zirconia manufacturing.

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