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"Mr O. E. Edwards, J.P.. for many years one of the leading public men and mining investors of Ballarat, died suddenly on Saturday from cerebral apoplexy. Deceased, who was 76 years of age, and a native of Wales arrived in Ballarat in 1852. Mr Edwards, who was a tentmaker, was entrusted with the manufacture of the Southern Cross flag, under which Peter Lalor swore in his men preparatory to the encounter at the Stockade. In later years deceased entered largely into minitg speculations, and was one of tbe syndicate that purchased the famous Egerton mine, over which there was afterwards a great deal of costly litigation, and which subsequently yielded enormous quantities of gold.
The trial of tbe Issues involved cost £60,000 Mr Edwards continued his speculations Indiscriminately, and also expended large sums to charity. He was also lavish in yachting matters at Lake Wendouree. For a long while he was commodore of the Ballarat Yacht Club, and it is estlmated that dating each season he spent from £1,200 to £1,600 in entertaining the club men and visiting yachtesmen. Later in life Mr Edwards was gradually reduced to a condition of penury, and for a time he earned a livelihood by ringing the bell in the call room of the Ballarat Btock Exchange. He was for many years a member of the committees of the Ballarat Hospital end Benevolent Asylum, and was connected with the local mechanics' institute and the Old Colonists' Association. Flags were raised to half mast in Ballarat on Saturday as a tribute of respect to the memory of deceased.[1]

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