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Origin of the name

Percydale was originally called Fiddler's Creek.[1] It appears to have been named after the son of a Police Magistrate, Charles Carr.[2]


Percydale is a rural locality and former goldfield in the Pyrenees Ranges, 7 km north-west of Avoca in central-west Victoria.[3]

Alluvial gold was mined at Percydale from 1854 and a rush in 1869 saw the population increase to over 2,000 people. The thriving town in 1870s had a school, Chinese hotel, store and churches. [4]


Geography and climate







The new rush at Percydale, near Avoca, is turning out well. The prospectors were Chinamen, and they found coarse gold at a depth of twenty-three feet above the true bottom.The lead, it is said, has now been traced till it appears on the surface, where it has been extraordinarily rich. It is stated that a nugget of 80ozs., and another of 5ozs., have been obtained. Seven dwts. to the load Is a common yield, but the Chinese are very reticent as to the returns they obtain.[5]


In 1963 the Blue Pyrenees (Chateau Remy) vineyard was planted south of Percydale, initially for brandy production but later diversifying into table and sparkling wines. It was the first of the modern vineyards which are in the Pyrenees region.[6]


It would be hard to find a more in dustrious lad than Master Con Leyden, of Percydale. He employs all his spare time in the manufacture of mechanical toys, and has produced some fine mo dels in the shape of horses and aero planes. Such an 'energetic youth should make his mark in the future.[7]

Slate Quarry

We are pleased to note that attention is being turned to our slate quarries at Percydale, Mr William Scott, of Castlemaine, has an application op a lease in today's issue.[8]




Today little remains of Percydale but Heritage Listed Daly's Cottage, which stands on land owned by Taltarni Wines. It was derelict until the Avoca and District Historical Society took over its management. Daly’s Cottage was constructed Irishman James Daly in 1865. The site houses two separate buildings: the original cottage and stable at the rear. It is long and rectangular, built of vertical timber slabs and round timber posts, divided into three rooms - stable, bedroom & kitchen. The later two-roomed cottage is built of smooth adzed vertical timber slabs. Iron roofing replaces the original shingles on both buildings.[9]



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