Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing

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Operators involved in Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing will have one or a combination of the following activities as the primary activity of their operations: human pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing; and/or veterinary pharmaceutical and medicinal product manufacturing.

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Henry Brind, Chemist. (<1876>)

Walter Cornell, Chemist

John King, Chemist. (1874-1888>)

A.M. Palmer, Chemist and Druggist (<1909>)

T.P. Palmer, Chemist (<1881>)

J. W. Scott

Chemists and Dispensing Druggists

Cornell & King, Wholesale Druggists & Dispensing Chemists(<1876>).

J. H. Reed, Manufacturing, Dispensing Chemists & Druggists (<1887>).

UFS Dispensaries

Chinese Herbalist

Archie Ah Wah (also Archie Waugh)

George Den <1923>

Harry Den <1923>

W.C. Gipp <1923>

F.S. Goon <1909-1923>

J. Chung Leong <1923>

Lo Kwoi Sang

Loie Suey <1923>

Sam War <1923>

Young George Li (<1935)

Chung Wee


J. A. Gear, Professional and Manufacturing Herbalist

F.D.P. Miller <1923>

S. Weymouth <1923>

Opium Dealer

Lay Hu

** Other **

Specific Cure

Rawleigh Products – House 2, Municipal Airport, Wendouree (<2011>)

SYMBION Pharmacy Services – 2 Davey Duke Road, Wendouree (<2011>)

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