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Joseph Usher, Fededration Univesity Historical Collection

Only six years after the founding of the Ballarat School of Mines, Dr Joseph Usher, a member of its Council, drew attention to the fact that β€œthe Pharmacy Act almost points to this institution as one of the schools to be authorised to examine persons in Chemistry."

By 1879 a Pharmacy course was established at the Ballarat School of Mines and candidates were being presented for the examinations set for registration under the Pharmacy Board of Victoria. Dr Joseph Usher was for many years a part-time lecturer in Pharmacy at the School. His annual reports to Council were characterised by the inclusion of laudatory testimonials, praising his own excellence in this work!

Students of Pharmacy at the Ballarat School of Mines could undertake their intermediate course at Ballarat, including subjects of Theoretical and Practical Chemistry (taught by Daniel Walker), and Botany and Materia Medica (taught by Dr Emil Gutheil).[1]

It is interesting to note that Joseph Flude, the first lecturer at the Ballarat School of Mines, originally engaged in teaching Assaying and Metallurgy, later turned his hand to the teaching of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Botany.

Materia Medica and Botany was discontinued at the Ballarat School of Mines in 1925, resulting in students being instructed in these subjects at the Victorian School of Pharmacy.[2]

In 1935 the Ballarat School of Mines Prospectus recorded:

The Ballarat School of Mines is registered as a College of Pharmacy under the Medical Act. Students may take their intermediate Course at the School, including the subjects, Theoretical and Practical Chemistry (J. R. Pound D.Sc.), Material Medica and Botany (to be appointed.[3]


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