Phillip Francis Acott (1869-1940)

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Phillip Francis Acott (1869-1940) was a qualified boilermaker and avid Ballarat footballer.



Phillip Francis Acott was born 1869 in Buninyong (Victoria, Australia) to Thomas Acott and Martha Maria Acott (nee Edwards).

Phillip married Frances Rebecca Burridge (daughter of Matthew and Susannah Burridge) in 1897, in Victoria.

Phillip was a member of the Wanderers (Ballarat) Football Club - being secretary in 1890 and 1891.[1] He was also a member of the Wanderers Cricket Club - being secretary in 1893.[2]

He was a member of the Soldiers Hill Fire Brigade.

Phillip worked at Ballarat's Phoenix Foundry in 1893.

He was a member of the Loyal Victorian Lodge (Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity) - holding the position of V.G. in 1894.[3]

In 1908 Phillip patented a "Side elevating street sweeper and automated loader".[4]

Phillip worked at Ballarat's Eureka Foundry in 1911.

In 1928 Phillip was operating his own business in Ballarat.[5]

Phillip died 28 April 1940 in Kinsville (Victoria).



Thomas Acott (c1820-1895) married Martha Maria Edwards (c1837-1902)

--1 John Aoctt (1857-1910) married Sarah Ann Hannett

--.--2 Alfred Ernest Acott (1888-1965) married Mabel Stephens Philp

--1 Emily Harriet Acott (1858-1943) married Edwin Clarke Haines (c1848-1895)

--1 Alfred Thomas Acott (1860-1952) married Amy Wilson

--1 Eleanor Martha Acott (1862-1931)

--1 Walter Charles Acott (1864-1928)

--1 Phillip Francis Acott (1869-1940)[6] married Frances Rebecca Burridge (1870-1964)

--.--2 William Edwin Acott (1898-1969) married Stella May Greenslade

--.--2 Frederick John Acott (1900-?)[7] married Sylvia Catherine Jean Spurrell

--.--2 Ethel May Acott (1902-?) married William Henry Spurrell

--.--2 Herbert Acott (1905-1970) married Mavis Emma Bird (1907-1988)

--1 William Henry Acott (1872-1940)

--1 Thomas Richard Acott (1875-1953)

--1 Charles Edward Acott (1880-1947) married Elsie May UNKNOWN (c1882-1966)

--.--2 Muriel Acott married S. F. Robinson

--.--2 Walter Acott

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