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Tyne-side Photographic Gallery, Sturt Street, Ballarat East, c1865.



The People

Allen and Gove

R.H.Arthur & Son, Ballarat

Arthur R. Bailey

W. Bardwell

Bardwell & Beauchamp

Barcroft Boake

Bawden, Clunes

Clara Bawden

John Beauchamp

G. C. Bennett, Beaufort

Black Photo

Frank Freeman Blundell


S. E. Boldner, Photographer

F. F. Blundell, Daylesford and Talbot.

George Austin Brewster

H. G. A. Brown

Charles E. Campbell

E. E. Campbell

Madame Charpiot

A.J. Chuck

Thomas Foster Chuck, Daylesford and Ballarat

Thomas Henry Chuck

T. Cleverdon


Cooper & McConvill

Cowley and Wilson

John Deardon

Delta Studio, Daylesford

Dore Photo, Ballarat

Dublin and Melbourne Portrait Rooms

William Ellis

Ellis & Smith

Annie S. Evans

Fenton & Coldrey

Aaron Flegeltaub

Thomas Flodin

E. H. Foster, Maryborough

Fraser, Photo

George Fraser

Leonard Allan Fraser

Graham Bros

Gunthall, Louis

Charles Hanway

N.L. Harvey

Thomas Hart

Christopher Herbert

Hornby's Studio, Clunes

Johnson and Co.

Bert Johnson

S. Fisher Johnson

Robert H. Kenny

Lassalle Studios

Daisy Llewelyn

Harry Maddicks, Daylesford

Hilletts, Ballarat


James Meek Jr, Daylesford

Maryborough Studio

George Pitt Morison, Castlemaine

Morton & Co., Ballarat

H. Moser, Daylesford and Creswick

Photographic Portrait Rooms

Stefano Pozzi

John Proctor Studios, Ballarat (<1955>)

Queen Studio

Red Hill Photographic Rooms

Richards & Co.

George Richards (?-1881)

H. Roberts

J. H. Roberts

Jonah Roberts

Roberts Brothers

Julius Rochlitz

Royal Alfred Studio

Royal Photographic Studio

Silver Art Studio, Daylesford

William Silverlock

Smith, photographer

Samuel Solomon

Saul Solomon

Solomon & Co.

Spielvogel Photographics

Thelma Studios, Daylesford

Thornton Richards & Co.

Thornton Studios

David Torrington studios

Tosca, Ballarat

Tyne-side Photographic Studio

John Wright

A. Verey & Co.

Verey Brothers

Victa Studios, Ballarat

I. Weller

Charles Wherrett

George Willett

Williams Studios

William B. Wilkes

John Wright

Yeoman & Co.

Yeoman's Eden Studios



See Also

T. Stanton Bowman

Ballarat Amateur Photographic Association

Photography studies and students



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