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John Rowe and his Ballarat School of Mines Mining Class at the New Normanby Gold Mine, Ballarat. John Rowe is in the centre wearing a bow tie, University of Ballarat Historical Collection (Cat. No.1889 )

The Ballarat School of Mines Council introduced an instructional innovation during 1894 when John Rowe, an experienced and capable mine manager who had held since 1875 the Ballarat School of Mines Certificate in Assaying (including Metallurgy), was appointed in June 1894 to the newly created position of Lecturer in Practical Mining. The course of instruction which he gave "greatly facilitated" by a series of weekly visits to some of the principal mines in the district. These visits provided students with opportunities to acquire an extensive knowledge of mining operations, and to study by observation various processes employed in the extraction of metals from the ores. John Rowe's course in Practical Mining seems to have been an experimental one and his position sort lived, for the Ballarat School of Mines Annual Report for 1896 did not mention either his position or his name in the Staff List.[1]

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