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The Prince Imperial Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1877.




The hotel was between Ballarat and Sebastopol.[1]


The hotel was destroyed by fire on 20 December 1877:

Shortly before 12'o’clock on Friday night the fire bells rang out an alarm, a glare being seen in the direction of Sebastopol which, however soon subsided. The two brigades started for the scene of the fire, but the City turned back without reaching it. The Ballarat Brigade went down as far as the No. 2 Band of Hope in Skipton street, and seeing nothing of the fire, turned to came back, when again the glare of the fire was seen more strongly than before. Guided by the reflection they now went all the way to the fire, and found Andrews’ Prince Imperial hotel, Round Water Holes, to be in flames, with the adjoining buildings. There was little or no water obtainable, and consequently hardly anything was saved from the devouring element. The origin of the fire is not known, but it: was first observed in a small building between the hotel and a chaffhouse and the flames were almost subdued. When they burst out again and consumed everything. The brigade rendered what assistance it could in staying the progress of the fire, but that was very little. Mr Andrews is insured for £200, but he estimates his loss at about £700.[1]

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In December 1877 the publican was Mr. Andrews.[1]


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