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The Redan Club Hotel was hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1907-1908>



In May 1908 the hotel was included on a list of 47 hotels to be delicensed by the License Reduction Board.[1]



The hotel was near the intersection of Darling Street and Skipton Street. In 2020 it was used a s Tyre Power. It was close to the Darling Street Depot of the Ballarat Tramways and the hotel stables were used for stabling the horses used to pull the trams.[2]


A description in 1907 noted that some of the accommodation was in a detached cottage, not in the main building.[3]

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  • In 1888-89> the publican was D.A. Watson[4]
  • In 1907 the publican was Elizabeth McAllester.[3] In September 1907 she was in the City Court for having people on the premises, however the case was dismissed.[3]


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