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Richard Birkett Gibbs was







February 8 NOTICE OF PARTNERSHIP. - A certificate to be registered pursuant to an Act of the Lieutenant-Governor and Council of the colony of Victoria, made and passed in the seventeenth year of the reign of her pre sent Majesty Queen Victoria, No. 5, intituled, "An Act to Legalize Partnerships with Limited Liability." - We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we intend io form a partnersbip with limited liability under the said Act, to be conducted under the style and firm of "Edward Agar Wynne and others, Black Hill Company," in which partnership Edward Agar Wynne, of Lyons Street, in Ballarat, in the colony of Victoria, is to be the general partner under the said Act, and Richard Birkett Gibbs, Spencer Wilson, and William Bailey, all of the Main Road, Ballarat East, in the said colony, William Collard Smith, of Sturt street, in Ballarat aforesaid, and Samuel Mountfort Gibbs, of Elizabeth Street, in the city of Melbourne, in the said colony, are to be the special partners under the said Act, and that the amount of capital which each special partner contributes is five hundred pounds; and that the amount contributed by the said general partner Edward Agar Wynne is five hundred pounds; and that the general nature of the business to be transacted by the said partnership is that of quartz crushing, quartz mining, and gold extracting; and that the principal place at which the said business is to be transacted, is at the Black Hill near Ballarat aforesaid; and that the said partnership is to commence from the first day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine; and to terminate on the first day of February, which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six.
I, James Baker, of Ballarat, in the Colony of Victoria, a Justice of the Peace, certify that the above-named Edward Agar Wynne, Richard Birkett Gibbs, Spencer Wilson, Wil liam Bailey, William Collard Smith, and Samuel Mountfort Gibbs, have respectively acknowledged the above-written certificate before me this seventh (7th) day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-nine. JAMES BAKER, J. Witness - L. G. HARDY, Solicitor, Ballarat.[1]

February 9 The Ballarat Quartz Crushing Company having become virtually defunct, another company has sprung from its remains. The Black Hill Gold Mining Company [sic] is the name taken by the gentlemen who have succeeded to the claims and plant of the old company. Messrs Wilson Brothers, R. & S. Gibbs, W. C. Smith, and Wynne are the new company, and we are informed the works will be carried on by hired labor exclusively, under the general management of Mr Wynne, and the working management of persons yet to be chosen. The preliminary arrangements of the new company are not completed, but we understand that stamping batteries will be erected forthwith, and the works carried on without delay. However annoying this juvenile company may be to the disappointed shareholders of the senior company, there is no doubt the new company go to work under the most advantageous circumstances, and have a capital chance of making the claims pay handsomely, under judicious management.[2]

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