Richard Carter (c1814-1883)

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An enginesmith from Blackburn (Lancashire, England), together with William Henry Shaw (1830-1896), Robert Holden (c1831-1911) and George Threlfall (1819-1897), Richard Carter established the Phoenix Foundry in Ballarat.[1]



Richard Carter was born about 1814 in Blackburn (Lancashire, England) to John Carter (c1793-1872) and Esther nee UNKNOWN (c1794-1869).

He came to Australia as an unassisted immigrant, arriving in April 1853 as a passenger on board the Arrogant.

Richard Carter died 15 February 1883 in the Ballarat New Cemetery. He is buried in the Ballarat New Cemetery - Area Private D, Section 12, Grave 32.



John Carter (c1793-1872) married Esther Howarth (c1794-1869)

--+ Richard Carter (c1814-1883) married Rose Morris (c1831-1885)

--.--+ Esther Carter (1860-1935)

--.--+ John Carter (1863-1919)

--.--+ William Carter (1864-?)

--.--+ Thomas Carter (1866-1886)

--.--+ James Carter (1867-?) married Annie Lindsay Redfern

--.--.--+ Beatrice Victoria Carter (1890-?)

--.--.--+ Dorothy Lillian Carter (1893-?)

--.--.--+ Muriel Gladys Carter (1894-?)

--.--.--+ Harold James Carter (1897-?)

--.--+ Margaret Carter (1869-?)

--.--+ DAUGHTER Carter (1871-?)

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  1. Butters, Peter. "Ballarat's Phoenix Foundry built a great reputation." The Courier, 16 June 2003. Via The Courier (accessed February 9, 2012).

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