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Richard Greenwood Middleton was born 20 January 1851 in Adelaide (South Australia) to Greenwood Middleton (1818-1886) and Mary nee Gould (1821-1886).

Richard Greenwood Middleton was a shareholder, director and legal manager of the Phoenix Foundry.

Richard Greenwood Middleton died 24 May 1905 in his home "Napsville" at 22 Dawson Street, Ballarat (Victoria, Australia). He is buried in the St Kilda Cemetery.

Mr. R. G. Middleton, a member of the Ballarat City Council and manager of the Phoenix Foundry Co., died at his residence, Dawson-street south, early on Wednesday morning from heart failure. For some time Mr. Middleton had suffered from an affection of the heart. The deceased, who was [illegible]4 years of age, was a native of Adelaide. After being educated at the Church of England Denominational School, St. Kilda, he joined a Melbourne drapery firm, with which he was associated for three years. In 18[illegible 2 digits] he came to Ballarat, and was shortly after appointed secretary to the Phoenix Foundry Co. About nine years ago he became its legal manager. On the redivision of the city in 1889 Mr. Middleton was elected to the South Ward, and had he lived he would have been the next mayor. Amongst other positions which the deceased held were the chairmanship of the Ballarat Banking Company, member of the School of Mines executive council, the Art Gallery committee, and the directorate of the Ballarat Trustees, Executors, and Agency Co. The deceased leaves a widow, whom he married in December of last year.[1]



Jonathan Middleton married Hannah UNKNOWN

--+ John Middleton (1816-?)

--+ Greenwood Middleton (1818-1886) married Mary Gould (1821-1886)

--.--+ Helen Isabella Middleton (1845-1913) married John Coleman

--.--+ Frances Middleton (1846-1915) married Thomas Keefe (1840-1910)

--.--+ Richard Greenwood Middleton (1851-1905) married Sarah Swift (1855-1903)

--...+ Richard Greenwood Middleton (1851-1905) married Annie Agnes Nunan (1876-1955)

--.--+ Emma Julia Middleton (1854-1924) married Thomas Barclay Bell (1851-1917)

--.--.--+ Barclay Greenwood Bell (1877-1958)

--.--.--+ Helena Mary Bell (1878-1950)

--.--.--+ Ruby Augusta Bell (1881-1950) married Cedric H. Ballantyne (1875-?)

--.--.--.--+ DAUGHTER Ballantyne (1907-?)

--.--.--.--+ SON Ballantyne (1916-1916)

--.--.--.--+ Betty Mary Ballantyne (?-1956) married UNKNOWN Knott

--.--+ Leslie Stuart Middleton (1865-1940) married Rose Ann Boylan (1865-1925)

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  1. The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), Thursday 25 May 1905, page 6.

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