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Richard Mitchell died in November 1935. He had been a Councillor with the Old Colonists' Association for 27 years. By his will the Old Colonists' Association benefitted by 1,800 pounds, and the Mitchell Cottage was erected at Charles Anderson Grove. [1]



Mr. Richard Mitchell Dead
The death has occurred at Ballarat of Mr. Richard Mitchell, aged 83 years. He was one of the leading sporting men of the city for many years. Born in England in 1852, he came to Australia in 1861, and in 1900 settled in Ballarat. He achieved distinction as a gunshot, angler, and bowler, and in recent years had generously supported rowing. The "Dick Mitchell" Malden Eights were so named in his honour. He was a leading member of the Mechanics' Institute and of the Old Colonists' Association, and was a benefactor of charitable organisations.[2]

Yesterday the death occurred of a pioneer of Ballarat, Mr. Richard Septimus Mitchell, well-known as the owner of valuable Sturt-st, properties. Deceased, who was 73 years of age, arrived in Victoria in 1852.[3]

Bequests to Charities
BALLARAT, Wednesday. - Generous benefactions are contained in the will of the late Mr. Richard Mitchell, of Mair street, Ballarat, investor and sportsman, who died on July 23. The estate is valued at between £10,000 and £11,000. Of this amount £1,000 is to be divided between the Ballarat Hospital, Ballarat Benevolent Home, and Ballarat Orphanage. The sum ot £1,000 is to be devoted, under the control of the Ballarat Old Colonists, to the building of old colonists' homes in Perry Park, to be known as the "Richard Mitchell Homes." A sum of £2,000 is left to the children of George Thomas Hughes, of Kalgoorlie (W.A.). Testator provided £100 for the immediate needs of his widow, and set aside a substantial amount, the income of which is to be devoted to her use during her life. The widow also receives the house in Mair street. On the death of the widow the house is to be sold, the proceeds to be devoted to building more old colonists' homes in Perry Park. It is provided also that on the death of the widow, a nephew, Reuben Mitchell, is to receive £500, and other children of the testator's late bro-ther, Thomas Mitchell, will share £ 1,000. On the death of the widow the following institutions are to receive £500 each: Austin Hospital for Incurables, Heidel-berg; Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, Limbless Soldiers' Association, Ballarat Ladies' Clothing Society, and the Salvation Army at Ballarat, while £1,000 is to be divided among the Ballarat Hos-pital, Ballarat Benevolent Home, and Ballarat Orphanage.[4]

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