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Robert C.R. Holden was born about 1831 to James Holden.

Robert Holden was an original owner and then shareholder in the Phoenix Foundry.

Holden died in 1911 at Sydney[1]

A rather unpleasant accident occurred last Wednesday evening to Mr Holden, one of the partners in the Phoenix Foundry Co. in Armstrong street. Mr Holden was superintending the flow of metal into a mould, and used a fire bar which had just been dipped in water to rectify some slight inaccuracy in the direction the molten metal was taking. A slight explosion of red hot globules of metal followed the introduction of the damp bar to the metal, and one of the particles struck Mr Holden in the eye. The result was intense agony, and inflammation ensued so rapidly that the total loss of the eye was threatened. Drs Dimock and Lyons were called in, and we believe there is great probability of the eye being saved.[2]



James Holden

--+ Robert Holden (c1831-?) married Emily Shaw (c1835-?)

--.--+ Elizabeth Mary Holden (1855-?)

--.--+ Robert William Holden (1858-1860)

--.--+ Robert William Holden (1860-?)

--.--+ Ross Saulters Holden (1863-?)

--.--+ James Shaw Holden (1864-1865)

DEATHS ... On the 22nd December, at his father's residence, Doveton street, of dysentery, James Shaw, youngest son of Robert Holden, Esq , aged 16 months.[3]

--.--+ Emily Holden (1867-?)

--.--+ James Samuel Holden (1869-?)

--.--+ Norman Shaw Holden (1873-1941)

--.--+ Hilda Evelyn Holden (1880-?)

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