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Robert Watson was a blacksmith who, by 1861, parlayed his success into a the thriving Vulcan Foundry.



On the 6th inst., the wife of R. Watson, Esq., of Vulcan Foundry, of a son.[1]
Yesterday (Tuesday) Mr Carver put up to auction the frontages of the Municipal ground in Mair street, when the corner allotment at Lydiard street, being 40 feet by 100 deep, was knocked down at a three years' lease to Mr Dunant at £2 4s per foot. Mr Brophy got the next allotment as per agreement with the Council. Gray and Allen purchased the next allotment, being 30 feet by 100, at a three years' lease of £2 per foot . No 12 allotment, at the corner of Mair and Armstrong streets, being 40 feet by 100, was knocked down to Mr R. Watson, of the Vulcan Foundry, for £2 12s per foot for three years. The upset price, which was £2 per foot, was not offered for the other allotments.[2]
A FOUNDRY FOR INGLEWOOD.-Mr R. Watson, of the Vulcan Foundry, Ballarat, has selected a site for this foundry close to the dam alongside of the March Reef, at Potter’s Hill. He is determined, we are informed, on losing no time, and it is his intention to erect a stamping mill on the same spot. He spent three or four days in visiting our quartz lodes, and not content with a view of the works above ground, he has satisfied himself as to their stability, by examining some of them below. Mr Watson is an old resident of Ballarat – one of fortune’s favorites – who is well known for his practical shrewdness and enterprise. We welcome him as a valuable acquisition, and we trust, as there is a wide field here for the profitable employment of capital, that others may be induced to follow his example.-Advertiser, 6th May.[3]


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