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Robin Hood Hotel, 2019. Photo Marilyn Jeffs
There was also a Robin Hood Hotel in South Street.

The Robin Hood Hotel was a hotel in Ballarat, Victoria, <1874-1888>.




The hotel was in Peel Street.[1]


The hotel was one of the hotels reviewed at the Licensing Court 1888 hearings. The court recommended that the hotel be delicensed.

  • In June 1911 An interesting discussion arose over the application of Mrs. Harrington, made to Mr. Goldsmith, P.M., for the alteration in the name of the Robin Hood Hotel to that of the Military Arms Hotel. Mr. Goldsmith suggested that it was a good change in view of the increased importance of defence. Mrs. Harrington: Well, we thought that as Robin Hood Hotel it did not have a very good name, and that had better change it. Somebody in court remarked that it was convenient to the Orderly Room, and Mr. Goldsmith was also-informed that the new name was deemed moreappropriate in view of the reputation of the original Robin Hood. The application was granted.[2]

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  • On the 7th June 1889 At the town police court this morning Margaret Bretrazzi, licensee of the Robin Hood Hotel, Peel street, was fined £5, with costs, for having the place open up to nearly midnight on the 29th ult.[8]
  • On 16th Jan 1899 John Skews was fined £2, with 4s. lOd for Sunday trading[9]
  • On the 11 Mar 1909 Julia Galvin, licensee of the Robin Hood Hotel, Peel street was at the Ballarat East Court on Wednesday lined £5 on a charge of having her bar door open during prohibited hours. Charges against several men of being on the premises without lawful excuse were dismissed, as each defendant showed that his presence in the hotel after hours was justified.[10]


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